What is Gastric Band Hypnosis? gastric band
Gastric Band Hypnosis uses suggestion, visualisation, as well as behavioural hypnotherapy techniques which when combined convince the subconscious that you have undergone gastric band surgery, therefore making it possible for you to eat smaller amount of food whilst still having you hunger satisfied.

What’s Involved?
Gastric Band Hypnosis requires 4 sessions.
Session 1 includes an assessment to find out your suitability for Gastric Band Hypnosis, as a medical history is taken and the reasons for overeating are discussed as well as a detailed study of your eating habits, history and any beliefs and behaviours which may affect the process.  Gastric Band hypnosis isn't suitable for everyone, especially people who are not classed as having a BMI less than 25. If you are not suitable, you will be offered a different approach to weight loss which is likely to be more successful for you.
Then this first session involves hypnotherapy to include changing your eating habits by incorporating new thoughts, emotions and views of certain food types. A reinforcing cd is provided to you, to be listened to in between sessions.

In the 2nd session, you are taken through a reinforcement session from session one and then, in hypnosis, a detailed virtual consultation for the surgical procedure is carried out with the surgeon. You will be asked to respond to the exact type of questions that would be asked by a surgeon and anaesthetist and is prepared for the next appointment which is the actual “virtual” surgery procedure.

The 3rd session you are taken through the procedure from arriving at the hospital, getting you pre-med to recovery. You will be led into a gentle, relaxed hypnotic trance and then taken through the whole experience of a physical gastric band operation – don’t worry - we place the memory back a bit so that you don't suffer the pain or the need for convalescence that the physical operation would involve.
You will effectively be left with the subconscious memory of the operation. Consciously you will be fully aware that you haven't been under the knife, but your subconscious mind will "know" that you have and that your stomach is greatly reduced in size.

The 4th session is usually a week or so later and a further reinforcement session and, as some people need a little bit of adjustment at this stage, in hypnosis, your band is adjusted, by either being tightened or loosened. This is done by describing, with you in hypnosis, the simple procedure which is carried out after an actual operation has taken place, thereby reinforcing in your subconscious mind that an operation has indeed taken place thus allowing you to eat less food yet still being satisfied.
You may find that over the following weeks, other than the weight loss, you start to notice you have increased self esteem and much more self confidence than you’ve ever had before. 



Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person